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DC and Marvel Superhero Hybrids

We all know DC and Marvel are the biggest companies when it comes to superhero movies or comics. We have seen incredible Superhero from them...

Imagine combining two different superhero to one. Imagine their strength and brute force. Check them out

Superhero Combo

Check these out

Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate

Both are the best magicians of their worlds

Spiderman and Superboy

Wolverine and Green Lantern

Wonder Woman and Storm

Wolverine and Batman

Skill and Strength from this character..who do you think will win in a fight between Wolverine and Batman???

Hulk and Flash

Force and Speed.. FLASHULK has it all

Nightwing and Superboy

Batman and Captain America

Green Lantern and Superman

Iron man and Green Lantern

DC and Marvel Characters

What other super hybrid would you like to see?...put it in your comments for next time...thanks

Quick question

Who do you think will win in a fight between Batman and Captain America???

Thanks guys

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