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Why are people getting jealous over this lady photos? See reaction to Ifedioku criticism

Why are people getting jealous over this lady pictures? See reaction to Ifedioku criticism.

Hardly will you see anykne that is alive on social media that have not come across the picture of this lady called Ifedioku. Her picture have been on the social media space for over a month now. For her picture to be circulating on social media for over a month now shows how beautiful she is. But like every other thing, there must be people to give opposite reaction. 

Her picture was posted on opera news, and the post got many reactions but positive and negative comments. Because of the negative reactions, some of the opera readers had to tell other readers to stop their negative comments that it stem from jealousy. 

The lady is indeed beautiful. And it's not her fault that her pictures is all over the internet. She only post her pictures on her social media pages and bloggers will copy it and post. 

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