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My husband wants to divorce me because I slapped his mother for Insulting me (Fiction)

I have always been the typical submissive wife. I have always respected my elders and stayed away from making trouble with anyone.

I've lived with my neighbors for over 5 years and I don't remember ever quarrelling with anyone. My mother in-law is out to alter my records. Whenever she comes to our place during any of her visits, she either finds a way to cause a problem between me and my husband or simply torment me till she decides to leave again. My husband is her only son, maybe that is why my case is different.

Last week Monday, she came to our place again for just visitation. I never questioned her visitations, it's her son's house so she's absolutely welcomed anytime.

But it seems she came with a hidden agenda this time. I served her meal and she said she's had something on her way. So I decided to let her be. I went into my room and stayed there to avoid her trouble. Later I met her in her room resting, and I decided to ask if she'll like me to prepare a warm bath for her, she said no. I left again and awaited my husband's return. 

I got our meals ready and thought she'll then be having dinner with us later. My husband came home and went to greet his mum. He came out of her room few minutes later his eyes red with anger. I asked him what the problem was and he said he met Mama crying out of hunger in her room. I was shocked, I tried explaining things to him but he wasn't having any of it.

I entered Mama's room to confront her, I was fuming but I tried everything I could to keep myself under control. However Mama called me a liar and said that I took after my mother who she claimed was responsible for my father's death. She said I was out to kill her son too. My heart was burning, I moved close to her to tell her to stop insulting my mum but the very first thing I felt was her sound slap across my face.

I couldn't take that, I slapped her back and she fell on her bed screaming. My husband came in and asked what happened, I couldn't say anything, Mama quickly fill him up on how I entered her room and battered her. I was too stunned to speak.

Now my husband is furious and is working on our divorce papers, was what I did wrong? Would you take such insults on your mother's person from anyone?


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