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Opinion: Why Mercy Johnson Should Have Handled The Matter Without Bringing It To Social Media

These days, almost every moment of people's lives is being captured on social media. When it comes to celebrities, it is a whole different matter. For some days now, social media has been buzzing with gists about how a teacher has allegedly been illtreating the eight-year-old daughter of Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, and how the latter was said to have responded to the whole issue on ground, aggravated by the fact that a lady called her out with many accusations, later alleged to be false.

In my opinion, bringing the matter to social media in the first place, was a wrong move by the parents, and parents can learn many lessons from this piece.

1. It's a child's matter:

Social Media receives millions of contents every minute. While some garner positive reactions, others are negative. However, when it comes to the issue of children, it is always one of mixed feelings.

Firstly, it was unnecessary to have called out the teacher on social media. Some teachers can be mean, like we all know, and although the teacher's conduct was bad, there are better ways she should have handled it.

A simple, peaceful confrontation with the teacher might even solve the problem immediately. Or she should have involved the headmistress, who would be better placed on how to handle her staff. Social media, if anything, only made the case worse.

2. Too many opinions:

Now that the matter is on social media, everyone is lending their voices to it. The lady who called her out has apologized, yet people are advising Mercy Johnson to still sue her. That is not a very right move, and if the actress decides to go for it, she might have issues with some people whenever she preaches forgiveness. However, if she had handed the matter with utmost quietness from the beginning, for the sake of the child and not the general public, none of these would have happened.

What do you think about this? Kindly share your views in the comments, and share this write-up with others that need to see it. Thanks for reading.

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