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Viral Clip: Blogger shares weird situation between a guy and his unsatisfied girlfriend (PHOTO)

While some perfectionists would want people to believe that Love is the ultimate factor in a typical relationship, many ladies nowadays would surely disagree. For the ladies of this generation especially, they like to get that extra bit of whatever can give them an edge over the 'girl next door'. As such, a popular blogger has shared a stunning revelation between a loving guy and his 'Oliver Twist' girlfriend, as she seems not satisfied with the dude's kind gestures.

In the viral snapshot shared by a popular blogger on Instagram, it revealed a curious situation between a guy who seemed helplessly in love with a lady who just wanted something extra. Apparently because of strong love feelings, the guy had settled the lady's tuition loan of whopping $70,000 (Seventy Thousand US Dollars), but his kind gesture still wasn't enough to sway the babe into marrying him. Thereafter she demanded something extra from her boyfriend.

And the something extra, after the boyfriend settled her tuition debt, was that the girlfriend requested for a wedding ring before she accepts his marriage proposal! Can you even Imagine?!

While it still baffles one to wonder what was going through the lady's mind when she made that request, expectedly the viral post has been attracting reactions from online users. See below some very interesting comments as captured in screenshots:

Some observers say, aside the 'hype' around Love, that many times these young ladies naturally want the expensive acquisitions, just in-order to at-least stand out from their peers and/or feel exquisite. And one wouldn't blame them for wanting to 'feel among', afterall there is no crime in looking good & exotic! I just feel that times are changing, and many young ladies nowadays don't just want the 'abstract' Love, but they crave for something extra visible on top of that!

Quick teaser >> As a guy, do you think the lady was being 'Reasonable' or just pure 'Selfish'?

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