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This is why your biro has holes in them. (Photos)

We all have been using them right from our early days in school. One of the joys in becoming a primary 3 student back in those days, was the excitement to switch from pencil to a ball point pen.

This unique writing instrument is considered to be one of the smartest inventions in the art of writing. Not only does the ball point pen make writing faster, it is also easy to hold. The Biro as most people will prefer to call it, comes with tiny holes. This holes are located on the body of the pen, as well as it's covers. But not too many people know why this holes were added, permit me to enlighten you.

The tiny holes you see on the body of the pen, is meant to ensure that the air pressure is the same both inside, and outside the pen. This helps the ink flow to the tip more easily.

Secondly, the hole on the cover of the pen was added as a safety measures, in case where a person might accidentally swallow the cover. The hole is to ensure that air passes through your windpipe so as to prevent suffocation. This is quite helpful for most of us that are of the habit of putting our pen in our mouth.

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