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Top Footballers Who Nearly Lost Their Lives.

Football players have time to enjoy the money they make from their career, however, some of them nearly lost their lives in the process. We are going to review top footballers who nearly lost their lives due to accidents.

5. Peter Crouch: In 2009, the former Tottenham top striker nearly lost his live as he tried to free his boat and avoid the jagged rocks in a romantic cruise in Sardina. 

4. Kaka: When Kaka was 18 years old, he fractured his spine which could have ended his football career and make him use a wheelchair but luckily, he survived.

3. Neymar Jnr.: When Neymar was four months old, he experienced a near death experience. His father, Neymar Santos Snr was driving when a car came towards them while he tried to dodge. But the car hit them on the left side of the car, dislocating his hip bone. But Baby Neymar was no where to be found. Thank God that the rescue team found Baby Neymar under the seat of the car covered with blood after a shard of glass cut deep into his head.

2. Virgil Van Dijk: When Van Dijk was a teenager, he has a burst appendix. He thought he was going to die because he had lots of broken bones and tubes connected to his body.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Ronaldo escaped a ghastly motor accident with his Ferrari. Thank God he survived.

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