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Photos Of Comedian Ada Jesus That Prove She Is Recovering Very Fast

Starting from February to this moment, this young aspiring comedian has been seriously sick and was said to be diagnosed with a kidney problem, the sickness became too serious that her family had to voice out on social media, a lot of people, especially their family made short video begging people she has any way offended through the comedy cause of her controversial skits.

Among the 3 persons she offended, two forgave her after much more pleading and calls from people. Ada was lucky enough to go viral, for one week, almost all media was carrying her news, luckily for this young girl, a lot of people tendered justice with mercy and promised to foot her hospital bill and expenses.

Just in, BBC news posted about her, in the photos, she is receiving treatments and there are lots of changes in her, she is getting back her self so rapidly cause it's not up to one week they started giving her treatments.

In a video, one of her family and friends, spoke to people concerning her present health situation, he told them that she is fine, he also added that he wants to use that medium to thank everyone who has in one way or the other helped their sister get to this present state of health.

Her friends have been praying for this beautiful young girl, they went as far as creating a group for her on Facebook so they can share their thoughts about her, support her and pray for her. Those are true friends, a true friend will cling to you even in the worse times.

Social media has done great things in some lives, the presence of social media in this era has favored a lot of people, the presence of media made this young girl go viral and get favor from different angles.

There was no how her people would have been able to foot the bill alone, cause kidney problem isn't a minor ailment. God will permanent her healings, Amen.

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