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Stop Saying 'Thank You' When People Welcome You, Rather reply tem With These Unique Words

Thank you" is such a wonderful expression. It is always pleasant to hear and say. But, as there are gazillions of ways to express oneself in this universe, the same goes for the most classic expression of gratitude.

The purpose of this list is to showcase over a hundred of ways to say "thank you." There’s a lot more than you would imagine! This is just a small list. However, it’s a start!

• A million thanks to you!

• I wish I were more like you.

• You have been so helpful to me.

• I fricking appreciate it, pal!

Gracias! (This is how you say ‘thank you’ in Spanish.)

• You’ve made such a difference in my life.

• I hope that one day, I can repay the favor.

• You make me want to be a better person.

• I really appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart.

• I cannot thank you enough for helping me.

• My endless gratitude to you.

• This means a whole lot to me.

• That’s very kind of you.

• I wish I'd known you sooner.

• Next time, I will be sending you a cape. Thanks for your superhero-sized helpful act.

• Oh, you shouldn’t have!

• How can I repay you?

• If it wasn’t weird, I would have sent you a picture of myself—because I look totally grateful.

• I am forever in your debt!

• Move over, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, there’s a new philanthropist in town!

• That was so awesome of you.

• I love doing things alone, but I love doing things with you even more.

• I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for me.

• You’re like the beacon of light in the middle of darkness.

• You are truly an angel!

• People like you are super rare and very difficult to find.

• I wholeheartedly appreciate everything you have done for me.

• I want you to know how much I value your support.

• May the force be with you...always.

• I would piss on you if you were on fire. (Yeah, I wouldn’t do it for someone I don’t like even if it was the only option. That says a lot!)

• May the whole universe conspire to make your life the best it can be.

• You make the world a better place for everyone.

• Thank you for being a good influence on me.

• How can I make your day amazing?

• Please accept my vehement declaration of gratitude.

• Grazie! (This is how you say ‘thank you’ in Italian.)

• My life is better because you're in it.

• What would I do without you? You’re wonderful.

• You’re a lifesaver, literally!

Go out there and show your gratitude to the whole world by saying words of thanks in the most imaginative ways possible!

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Gracias Spanish.


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