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BBNAIJA vs Nigerian Elections: Why Nigerian Youths Will Vote In One And Ignore The Other.

One might wonder why I am writing this piece, given I am into politics. Well, I am writing this piece because I have noticed Nigerian youths will rather vote for their entertainment, that to decide their future.


You may be wondering where I am going with this?, well here it is.

The season 6 of an 18+ rated reality TV show has been going on for the past 70+ days and just ended today. A certain individual, who happened to be the fans' favorite won and the noise in my neighborhood is a confirmation.

Map of Nigeria (

The show requires viewers to vote. They are to vote for their favorites as the show progressed, and Nigerian youths have been very serious with their voting. They go as far as canvassing for votes so that a random favorite can win. Well, not so random as they get entertainment as a reward.

( Nigerian youths

So then, if they can actually vote this way, for something with just entertainment value, then why not in general elections and the likes?. Why is it hard for them to vote for individuals that will ultimately determine their future?.

( sample voters card( illustrative purpose only)

I have heard some say they only need the voter's card for official purposes and not for voting. Question then is, what caused this voter apathy?

I was able to identify a few.

1. Nigerian youths feel their votes do not count in the end. I have queried some and was mocked for wasting my time voting in elections that are almost always rigged. Perhaps, this mindset that their votes are useless is contributory.

2. Some are just oblivious of their environment. They have no knowledge of the impact of their carefree attitude towards politics. Some even go as far as saying politics is a dirty game and they are not interested. How sad?.

3. Some are just ignorant. Ignorance is a disease they say. When one is willing to spend money to vote for a celebrity, but does not care who his next governor is, only ignorance is the winner.

What then is my two cents?

Nigerian youths need to vote in elections just as they vote in shows like BBNAIJA. That lie, that votes do not count is a propaganda spread by mischief makers to make sure they do not vote. Voting is their right, and whether it counts or not, they must exercise their rights.

With God helping Nigeria, sooner than later, they will start seeing the results of their votes, as their choice candidates will start emerging.

This however, will never happen if they continue to ignore elections.

You agree or disagree?

Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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