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Video: A Couple Allegedly Backflipped From The Rooftop Of A House Into A Pool. Isn't This Dangerous?

Some people dare gravity some times, by taking some risky adventures. Some of these adventurous activities, ends up well while others ends in tears most of the time. There's a popular documentary show on the cable called "1000 ways to die", this show brings to the views of millions, if not billions around the globe, the kind of risky adventures some people engage in, which some times ends their lives beyond recognition, some may survive such stunt with some injuries but are never the same. Some of them have strong graphic content, which they get to warn many (viewers) ahead of time before watching, different kinds of things people engage in, that take their lives before their time.

I stumbled on a video which has since gone viral, showing a couple (a white man and a white woman) hold each other tight on the rooftop of a bungalow house, and beneath them is a pool, both of them were already in their swimsuits, which means they apparently have been swimming or were about to swim in the pool

But something struck me in the video, which is, this couple decided to do a stunt for everyone around to see. And the stunt they did, isn't one that I've seen or common anywhere, the stunt was a backflip from the rooftop while holding each other tightly into the pool beneath them, if I'm not mistaking, the distance of the pool to the rooftop, should be about 15ft long.I was scared for them as I watched the both of them hold tight to each other, anything could have happened and the questions that popped up in me were 1. To what end is this backflip for? 2. What if, while trying to backflip, they slipped and fell on the rocky ground instead, die or have injuries to deal with for the rest of their lives?

I can't ever encourage anyone to do this, for any reason, not even my enemies, if there were even any.

Would you ever try this with your partner? Do you think a black man would ever try this kind of an adventurous act?

Watch the video here

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