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Learn These English Idioms and Their Meanings

Idioms are a manner of speaking peculiar to a language. In English it is Important to add them in our writing and expression because they seem to add flavour to our write ups.

Below are 10 English idioms and their meanings.

1. To give the green light

Meaning: give the permission

2. To go haywire

Meaning: To stop working correctly or become out of control

3. A Trojan horse

Meaning: An enemy that works like a friend

4. Back the wrong horse

Meaning: To support the wrong thing

5. Birds of Ill omen

Meaning: someone who brings evil or curse

5. Behind close doors

Meaning: secrets kept from public view

6. An open secret

Meaning: Known to everybody

7. Use your number six

Meaning: Use your common sense

8. Item six

Meaning: Refreshment at meeting and other social occasions

9. A five star hotel

Meaning: a luxury hotel

10. In the state of nature

Meaning: naked

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