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Fiction: The King's Delight Part 2

"Arìké, where have you been? Her father asked as she got inside.

"I am sorry Baami(my father), I was discussing with Adigun" she said. Arìké calls her uncle her father, since she has no one except him and God. Ever since her father and mother died, he took her as his daughter.

"Another guy again...Arìké my daughter I have warned you severally about these guys in the village. You cannot know more about a village than the owner o" he said

"Baami, I am sorry but it is not my fault. They just keep coming and you are the one that told me, not to be rude to anyone" she said

"Yes I know but I just want you to be careful. I have promised myself to take care of you and make sure, you don't make the wrong choice/ decision" he said passionately..

"I know, thank you Baami and I love you" she said and hugged him 

"I know my daughter; I just want the best for you. In this village, most of the guys can be dubious and I don't want them to dupe you. I actually called you earlier, to inform you that I am going to the king feast.

I know you can't come with me because you will be doing the house chores and also sharing the word with the people. I pray God strengthen you more and less I forget, when it is getting late, do not go to the farm again" he said.

"Yes baami" she said and smiled as he went out. 

After some minutes, Arìké went to their farm to get corn that she will use to cook Ewa Alagbado(Bean and corn). When she came back, the children were already outside the house for Bible study. She greeted them and quickly went inside to gather her sticks and pot to prepare the food before going back outside.

When the bible study was going on, something unusual happened. People of her age and older people, started joining. She was happy and she went inside to get more chairs for them. She taught the word passionately and they were all blessed. 

She also gave them some things to take home and free bibles which she saved some money to buy. They were so happy and went around, telling people of what she did. She was joyful, as she went inside to pray and check what she was cooking. 

Arìké doesnt have any friend, she saw everyone in the village as her family. She was loved by both men and women of the village. Not just because of what she did but because of who she was.

Hmm..Who are you?

Stay tuned for the next episode and don't forget to drop your comments.

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