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5 Top Actors We Love To See In Nigerian Soap Operas

Currently, there are so many Nigerian soap operas on television that are a delight to watch. Featuring in these interesting TV series are some of our favorite soap actors. I selected 5 names of my favourite Nigerian soap actors presently.

Olumide Oworu

He plays the role of Tari Johnson in the series The Johnsons. 

The handsome Tari tends to do everything possible to impress the ladies mostly by telling many lies.

We see him working hand in hand with his brother Spiff, also his partner in crime.

In the end he gets caught in his web of lies.

Chukwuka Anozie

Chukwuka Anozie is popularly known as Acid in the Africa Magic comedy series Hustle. 

Acid is a rugged street guy, a typical hustle who dreams of making it in the city of Lagos. And living the big life.

Most times we see him talking to Dayo, his childhood friend, about the rich spenders in the society. And how he would soon become one of the big shots in town. Another thing is, his hairstyle is always on point.

Kunle Idowu - Frank Donga (Prosper)

He's popularly known as Frank Donga. The Nigerian actor and comedian played the role of Prosper, the compound security guard in My Flatmates. A habitual gossip who spends most of his time lazing around.

His eyes never miss a thing in the compound. Once he sees anything while nosing into other people's business, he would tell another resident.

Ann Njemanze

The role Detective Sanke, is played by Ann Njemanze in Tinsel. The most striking thing about her acting is her ability to handle cases brilliantly. Detective Sanke knows the right words to use, such that if she wasn't acting, you'd think she was a real life detective.

Although her choice of outfits were funny.

Samuel Ajibola

He's one of the best characters in the Africa Magic sitcom The Johnsons.

He plays the character Spiff and is the most unserious person in the family, a talkative as well. In the series, he's always up to something that often lands him in trouble.

If you know other favourites, please drop their names in the comments section. 

And don't forget to share on your social platform.

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