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Focusing Too Much On Celebrities Is A Distraction To Many Nigerian Youths And Teenagers

Nowadays, most of what you see online are comments of youths and teenagers arguing about different celebrities and what is trending in the entertainment industry, but is that what youths are supposed to focus on?

Hardly can you go anywhere without seeing youths and teenagers arguing about the net worth of their favourite celebrities, arguing about which of the celebrities have the most expensive houses and things like that.

Some of them even go far to the extent that they will start comparing celebrities achievements to choose which one is better, but that's wrong. Celebrities are normal human beings and they should live a normal life.

Nigeria youths and teenagers have focused on celebrities to the extent that many of them try their best to look like these celebrities no matter how much they spend or how fake they have to live their lives.

There are better things to focus on like country affairs, technology and development, but only few people are focusing and channeling their energy into this aspect which is very bad.

Great achievements can only come to your life when you put your energy into achieving great things. These Nigerian celebrities became great and popular simply because they put their energy into developing themselves.

Many youths and teenagers want to be like these celebrities that they admire but they are not ready to put their time and energy into developing themselves like these celebrities did.

Some of the celebrities who are bringing great change to Nigeria entertainment industry are Wizkid and Davido. They are known for the way they put in their energy into their music which is listened to all over the world today.

If Nigerians can spend less time focusing on celebrities and focus on their own self development, more great men and women will emerge from the country.

What do you think?

Do you think the youths can bring about the positive change we need in the country?

Content created and supplied by: Teeeeeehmoney (via Opera News )

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