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BBN: Is Liquorose Trying To Pass A Message To Emmanuel By Talking About Her Past Relationships?

Is Liquorose intentionally trying to pass a message to Emmanuel by talking about her past relationships or she is just being emotional about the end of the reality show? At yesterday's Saturday night party, Liquorose got became tipsy, and suddenly got emotional. Of course, alcohol sometimes makes you start remembering past events and things that have happened before.

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Liquorose couldn't hold her emotional feelings and she had to express herself while having a conversation with Emmanuel. According to her, the guys she had dated in the past always take her pride. She didn't specifically mean what pride she is talking about but she was emotional about it. She went on to reveal that her brother has always warned her not to go all out for any guy but she never listens.

According to her, she noted that; "Every guy I fall in love with takes my pride and dreams away from me. They act as if they care about me but end up not caring. I'm tired of falling in and out of love because it takes a long time to overcome such kind of love".

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From her expression, she has revealed that she hasn't had luck in relationships from her past experiences. However, my question is, is Liquorose trying to pass a message to Emmanuel by talking about her past relationships? The show ends today and she sudden talked about her experience with guys she had dated before and how it didn't end up well with her.

She is trying to tell him that she isnt fully involved with him or after the house, she will find her way or they will go their separate ways? One might only wonder if she is indirectly telling him to be the change she needs from many being there for her and nothing taking her pride and dreams away just like every other guy she has dated before.

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More so, as the show comes to an end more will be revealed about their relationship outside the house. It will be more clear if, Liquorose was actually passing a message to Emmanuel by talking about her past relationships.

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