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BLUE EYED AFRICANS: Are These Africans Aliens? See Their Pictures

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Have you ever come across an African that has blue eyes? What did you do or say?? Did you call them water spirits or any other spirits???. If you ever did so, then you weren't odd. It is a very unusual thing for Black men and women to have natural blue eyes. However it is possible.

Some years back, it was reported that an African man had rejected paternity over a child due to the colour of his eyes. Although years later he was confirmed to be the father. He had done that probably because he felt it wasn't possible or because of a fear of the supernatural.

Black people with coloured eyes other than black or brown always raise a superstitious belief in some people. They feel it is evil, or has something to do with supernatural forces, especially when it is a girl child, she is quickly associated to marine spirits etc.

On the contrary, Black people can have blue eyes. Coloured eyes is not an exclusive nature to Caucasians and Europeans alone. It can occur due to; Genetic Mutation.

According to Livescience website,

Blue eyes can also occur when someone from African ancestry had Caucasian relatives on any sides of the family and happen to carry the suppressed gene pool which might have had its chance to express itself. It can also be due to what is called; Waardenburg Syndrome.

Some researchers claim that the appearance of blue eyes in black people was due to interbreeding between Africans and Neanderthals. Although, the Neanderthals have gone into extinction more than 20,000 years ago.

Having blue eyes is therefore not diabolic. It is rare but not impossible. However note that some people have coloured eyes due to optical or contact lenses. This however is not Natural. So whenever you see a black person with blue eyes, dont panic, appreciate their beauty and commend them.

Below are pictures of Blue-eyed Africans;

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