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Some expensive things owned by Queen Elizabeth

Art collection 

Queen Elizabeth owns the world largest art collection in which includes millions painting, prints, watercolors and drawings. Although part of this collection is owned by the crown itself, the queen personally owns a huge part of it, some of it were passed on to her by her mother. Her art collection includes portrait made by Michelangelo and Rembrandt and over 600 drawings by Leonardo de Vaci.

Stamp Collection

The Royal philatelic collection is the largest and most diverse stamp collection in the world. Queen Elizabeth displayed it for the world to see and has even made it available for charity and loans. The queen also lent a hand to formal French president Sarkozy when he started a stamp collection of his own in the year 2009.

She gifted him a cup of extraordinary stamp for his new collection. The 'Red Album' was the original collection of stamps started by king Edward VII, which later grew to become a Royal philatelic collection.

HMY Britannia 

The ship was originally build in the year 1952 and launched in the year 1954.

The ship was journeyed over more than a million nautical miles before getting decommissioned in 1997. After its 43years travel in the water, the HMY Britannia was turned into a tourist attraction and taken across various cities in the United Kingdom. Built for royalty, the ship was designed luxuriously with magnificent living areas, gold doorknobs, and includes silver cutlery. The ship also contains separate quarters for the queen servants, laundry services and private Hospital.

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