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Check Out 30 Most Savagery Tweets And Replies That Will Get You Laughing. (With Photos)

Twitter is a social media application that's filled with lots of humor and savagery that it has to offer.Ranging from posts and comments,there are some replies that has really caught our attention and I'd love to share with you. With all the savagery that Twitter has to offer,you will be left laughing at the replies that most people actually give others.The app is also filled with various activities that can keep users busy.

Below are 30 Savage Tweet

1. Wow

2. Impressive

3. Ah ah

4. What?

5. Oh No!

6. I don't,do you?

7. No wonder!

8. This is the height of it


10. Ah!

11. True

12. Wow

13. It can be so annoying

14. True

15. Fierce

16. Savage

17. Really


19.How did you know?


21.Nice one

22.Wait for it


24. Ah

25. What?

26. That's true



29.I agree


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Content created and supplied by: Amupitan_ (via Opera News )

Ah True Wow


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