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Extremely expensive celebrity gifts

10 Extremely expensive celebrity gifts

 Small gifts preserve friendships. However, when reach and famous people get involved, you can hardly expect their presents to be small and modest. On the contrary, they try their best to give their dearest friends and family members the presents that are the best.

Great, if these gifts are practical just a bit. It’s a huge amount of money spent that counts. Keep reading to know how expensive their gifts may be.


1. A bejeweled Barbie doll of $80,000:

Can you imagine a Barbie doll can cost $80,000? You may assume it should be encrusted with diamonds. And you would be right! That was a Barbie doll Blue Ivy, a nice little daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z got from their parents. Definitely, they adore their baby girl. And we have no doubts a girl adore her doll.


2.$5 Million burger king franchises:

When Kim Kardashian got married, Kanye West presented a couple 10 franchises of BURGER KING. It seems West knew the passion these just-married had for burgers, though usually it was McDonald’s ones. And, being the owner of some franchises of Fatburger, she decided to share her money-making experience with Kardashian.

3. A house of $325,000 for six puppies:

Paris Hilton loves her puppies very much. So much she can’t stand them living in a simple kennel. Therefore, she presented them with a spacious two-story house that fit their size. With a gorgeous interior, a wonderful balcony and even a great lighting, this house is really a luxury ever for people, 95 percent of them, at least.


4. A bejeweled RATTLE of $44,000 for little princess:

Princess Charlotte was gifted a rattle at her first birthday. Why is it worth noting? Because it was not an ordinary rattle of a Fisher Price brand. Just look at this jewel-encrusted masterpiece! By the way, it was the second valuable rattle in Charlotte’s collection with the first silver one presented by the president of Mexico.

5. A very, very expensive GORILLA SANCTUARY:

When Ellen De Genres celebrated her 60th birthday, her wife, Portia de Rossi, presented her a gorilla sanctuary located in Rwanda. We don’t know the real price of the gift, but, as Ellen admitted, it was the most valuable she has ever had.



6. An exclusive BIKE of $12,000:

Courtney Cox, a star of Friends, presented her friend Jennifer Aniston, another star of Friends, a precious jewel-incrusted bike. Can anyone cherish Jennifer’s interest in cycling? Well, maybe Jennifer wouldn’t ride such a bike, but she must be really delighted to have this treasure.

7. A Swarovski-styled BATHTUB of $5,200:

Decorated with Swarovski crystals, this pink-colored bathtub is really wonderful! It was presented by Kelly Rowland to Blue Ivy, Beyoncé’s baby girl, when she was born. How many crystals does this gorgeous bathtub have? Well, as many as 44,000! No wonder its weight is above 3,000 pounds.


8. AN 200 year old OLIVE TREE of $18,500:

During their marriage, Angelina Jolie surrounded Brad Pitt with many precious presents. For example, once she granted him a bespoke helicopter. But the olive tree whose age is more than 200 years is the thing they both appreciate the most. Definitely, this tree extremely enriched their French estate.

9. ROSE bouquets of $1,000:

Of course, rose bouquet is not a thing to marvel. But 1,000 roses are worth to mention. Especially, if it is the gift of Kanye West to Kim Kardashian. Look at the picture of Kim Kardashian on the 1,000 roses background. Isn’t this glamorous?



10. Gulfstream jet of $20 MILLION:

Many years ago Tom Cruise was great in Top Gun, piloting a military plane. Maybe, it was the memory lane of his past that made him present Katie Holmes, then-wife, a jet constructed specially for her. However, it seems she wasn’t that happy with this gift as she often compared this jet with a bus. Well, wouldn’t she appreciate a diamond ring much more?

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