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"I Couldn't Help But Propose To Her After I Found Her Doing This".(Fiction)

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My name is Jimmy, I work as a banker in one of the microfinance bank in Benue State. For over 3 years now, I've not been into a serious relationship because I'm scared of heartbreaks and the fear of the unknown. As a banker,I hardly have time to interact and make friends because, the nature of my job in the bank as account officer, won't let me have the fun that I want. Prior to this time, I've made up my mind never to involve myself with any lady again because, they was no need going into what wouldn't turn it well. With this mindset, I disciplined myself never to look too much at ladies and to draw my boundaries with them. This continue untill one faithful day.

It was a very cold morning,at about 9am after resuming office, I got a distress call from one of my colleagues that someone had issues with her bank details. Being my field, I decided to go downstairs and get that solved as quick as possible only for me to meet one of the most beautiful and charismatic ladies I would ever meet on earth. Because I noticed my colleagues where watching me, and they knew my stand, I decided not to give them any impression that would make them feel I had taken my words back, since they knew of my stand and decisions on the matter of love. I tried to be very professional about it,but the more I tried, the more I lost my composure and courage.

With the little pride in me, I asked her what her name was and she told me her name was Ihotu. "No wonder she looks charming and angelic" I thought to myself. I engaged all my professional knowledge into her matter and within few minutes what was meant to take few days was sorted out under 1hr. As she smiled an left the banking hall, I asked " ma'am do you mind if I have your number?" And she replied "Yes of course you can". She quickly took out her pen and dropped her numbers for me. I enquired more to know how her weekend was going to look like and she told me she would be free. On that note I invited her to a date and all was set.

As she left the hall, all my colleagues couldn't hold it anymore as they took out time to laugh hysterically at me for finally falling from my words and stand.i knew personally that I had messed up by allowing my words fall to the ground, buy the thoughts of having a date with Ihotu got me living in a world of fantasies. That werk was one of the longest weeks ever in my life as weekend seems not to be arriving. Soon it was Friday, normally I close work by 7pm, but that day, I closed work by 4pm because I need to arrange and put myself inorder before that time.

I took my bath, dressed up in one of my finest toxido suits, and set out for benue hotels,the venue for our meeting. She told me everything about herself, we got to know each other more and along the line she finally opened up to me that she was a virgin. Wow, my joy knew no bounds. What a lucky man I was. That day ended on a very good note and we parted ways. 

After that day, all efforts to reach her proved abortive. She wasn't replying my WhatsApp messages, my texts or even my calls. I felt really uncomfortable. After three weeks of not communicating with her, I decided to let her be and face my life. "Perhaps we weren't meant for eachother.

One evening, at about 8pm, I decided to take a stroll to one of the hotels owned by one of my clients, to rest and discuss business with him. Food and drinks were brought and we got talking. It wasn't up to 15 minutes and right there before me was the lady in the bank Ihotu. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Could this really be Ihotu or her look alike?". She was preaching and sharing tracts to everyone that was present there, she told them about God and the love of God. Everyone listened to her band tears filled my eyes. "Oh! You know that lady?" My client asked! I said "Yes I know her. She's the one I've always told you about". With a smile of his face he said "If she's the one you're taking about then you've made a right choice". Immediately, he handed me a cheque of 5million naira to plan my wedding.

Ihotu kept speaking and encouraging people to God. I went towards her where she was speaking and I went down on my knees before everyone asking her to marry me. It was a risk cos I never had time to date her or even ask her out, but here I was proposing. To my greatest amazement she said yes. I'm glad I found my Ihotu and very soon we shall be getting married.

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