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[OPINION] If You See Tortoise In A Dream, Here Is What It Means.

Seeing tortoise in a dream symbolizes a insincere friend, straining at the leash, hurrying.

To see tortoise in a dream is expressed in the same way both overland and afloat. To see tortoise indicates that you will make people around you angry straining at the leash about a matter that you are waiting for completion.

To see more than one tortoise in a dream indicates that scores of people will give you a hard time and they stress you out, and your parents have great expectations about you.

If the tortoise you saw in your dream was sweet, acted the way you like and if you were playing with his, it indicates that you will get a result about a matter you are impatient and it will make you happy.

Killing tortoise in a dream means that you will part company with someone who doesn’t give due importance to you, seeing dead tortoise indicates that you will reveal a woman’s falsity who does something behind your back.

Seeing tortoise bite in a dream indicates that you will hear consistent and sensual words from unexpected person, and hearing someone you haven’t heard before you will be persuaded.

Picking up tortoise, holding tortoise in a dream indicates that you will stack the deck to get results that you have been waiting.

Eating, cooking tortoise in a dream indicates that giving two-faced person’s show away, you will prevent him from benefiting from you. According to some terms, eating tortoise means that you will head for ill-gotten food instead of halal food.

Keeping tortoise in a dream indicates that revealing a secret you have held out on your family or love one, you will feel relieved and you will not meet with reaction, as you fear.

Fearing of the tortoise, escaping from tortoise in a dream indicates that you are loath to take on responsibility, for this reason keeping in the background you feel sadness.

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