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Pericoma Nwokoye - The Igbo Legend That no One Should Toil With

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: Pericoma Nwokoye is a legend that any Igbo who knows his onus will never toy with. Coming from Arondizuogu na Iheme, he represented and still represents the Igbo Spirituality, their sciences and arts. He might not be loved by all, but his legendary lyrics laced with mystical and ecclesiastical meanings elevate the soul of any well-meaning Igbo, and make the heart to be in consonance with its Conscious and Subconscious Minds. Pericoma is a Hero.

It is very saddening to watch a puerility called video that one Odumueje made castigating Pericoma and sending his children to the cleaners. This is not acceptable much as it is condemnable. I think, Pericoma's children have been living their life devoid of rancour some three or four years their dad left them and all of us he means a lot to, in flesh. Except for their display of the Igbo traditions in their Arondizugu parlance, Pericoma's children have never been seen boasting off against anybody.

I want to use this medium to say that he who ate the scrotum of a ram, has eaten a dangerous share for the Gods. When a child ate a toad, he or she will forbid eating meat forever. Odumueje has shown the way not to be a Christian. You don't go beyond your bounds for self-serving purposes by insulting people and their aboriginal beliefs. Anyway, what pushed Odumueje to downsize the Pericomas may not be ordinary. Remember that early this year, he insulted Igbo Spirituality adherents, forcing many of their mystics to lay curses on him. Some even challenged him for a contest which he has not accepted till date.

In the Igbo ways of life, ijuru mmadu ogu does not work like magic, especially when the person whom the spell is casted on hadn't clean hands. Such a spell will be pushing the person till he or she meets his or her Waterloo. This is without a doubt where Odumueje may be heading to. No one dances Surugede, because Surugede is the dance for the spirits. Insulting Pericoma is an insult to all of us whom he means a lot to. Sadly sad, Odumueje's showmanship reign might have come to abrupt end by insulting Arushi Makaja.

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Arondizuogu na Igbo Iheme Odumueje Pericoma Nwokoye


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