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Tolulope Arotile's passing and the Futility of Human Toils.

The news of The tragic passing, a few days ago, of one of Nigeria's most promising young women, flying officer Tolulope Arotile invoked pity in many hearts. Personally, as I read the story, it triggered the spirit of sober reflection in me. As if a veil had been lifted off my eyes, I was enabled to see, for the first time in such a clear and realistic manner, the futility of our human toils.

Arotile had undergone so much preparation and rigour in her bid to actualize her dream. Driven by her vision and passion, she ventured into unfamiliar territory, where none in her gender class had dared to tread. And she excelled. She was so engrossed in the stars that she forgot she had no wings. But by that very act, she called into being a propelling force much more vital than wings. And by it was propelled to the stars. Alas, even now, in the stars she stands reposed, to therein, eternally find rest.

Certain events in life, as much as they are painful compels us to reappraise our status as mortals and reminds us to temper our zest that we might grow into wisdom and stability. Just imagine if a few years back, Arotile was apprised of her certain imminent demise, would she had laboured so hard to achieve her dreams? Would her parents have believed in her so much as to spur her on to go and conquer? Would her trainers had invested so much energy to equip her with the skills and proficiency she panders after. But alas! How hidden from our view our fate hence.

So much is happening in our society today that leaves sane minds terribly agitated.A few weeks or so ago, a young lady, Uwaila Omozuwa who, in the pursuit of her dreams had gone to a church to study, was gruesomely abused and murdered, not by devouring beasts of the jungle nor by extra-terrestrial monsters, but by humans; of same form, likeness and attributes. In like manner, not long after, in a similar location, in another area; Ibadan to be precise, another promising young woman, Grace Oshiagwu was murdered. Her hair was shaved and taken away. To what purpose, one might wonder! So that someone, somewhere might circumvent the laws, and live a bogus life? In flagrant violation of others right to life, happiness and dreams?

Psalm 90:12 says "teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom". How often in our zest to grasp at life's ephemerals, we ignore our frailty, our fleeting moment in this makeshift home, and overstep our bounds to accumulate that which we cannot own; gather that which we cannot keep, and expend that which we cannot create.

May times like this provide us the sobriety to master our reality, and humble our deeds, that we might spread joy to the sorrowful; hope to the despaired, bread to the famishing and love to the world.

May her gentle rest in perfect peace!

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