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How I Saw My Dead Wife Cooking In The Kitchen (Fiction).

Sometime I argue about the existence of ghosts in the universe. Many people believe in the existence of ghosts while others do not believe in their existence. Below is a story about "How I saw my dead wife cooking in the kitchen ".

It was really a sad year for me when my wife died. She was a lovely and hardworking woman, she was also caring and she always wanted me to be happy.

Before her death, we had two kids (A boy and a girl). She cherished them very well and always provided food for them. She had a great bond with the kids.

After her death, the house was lonely and I always cooked for my kids. Most times, I become exhausted and I will just sleep. It wasn't easy for me.

When I sleep sometimes, I always hear some noise in the kitchen but I am not always eager to check what's happening in the kitchen.

So, it was on a Friday night, I was sleeping and I heard someone cooking in the kitchen. I gently opened my door and started going towards the kitchen.

Behold when I got to the kitchen, I saw my dead wife cooking with my pot and immediately she saw me, she disappeared.

I was shocked and I fainted, I never believed what I saw. I didn't tell my kids what I saw rather I kept it as a secret.

Since then, she never came back to the kitchen again.

It's important to note that the picture used above is for illustration purpose.

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