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I am Surprised at my 7 year old Daughter's request for her Birthday Celebration's Gift "Fiction"

Just 9 years ago, I met the undisputed Beauty Queen of my village. It was actually an arrangement made by my ever compelling mother and although I was super reluctant and also insistent on having nothing to do with her idea and plan, I eventually succumbed and I can say its on of the best decisions I ever made. 

Prior to meeting the girl, I already had the idea that she would be like all village-bred girls... clingy, out of fashion, and even below par when it came to education but I had to go see myself to satisfy my mother. 

I and my mum traveled to the village, her house to be exact. We were welcomed in by her mum who beckoned her. At this point, I was already feeled with disgust and was taunting myself for accepting to come on the journey in the first place but I kept my cool. 

My first glimpse of her was weak as I wasn't even interested but I felt my heart skip a beat, I just couldn't believe what I saw, I had to have a second glance and Good Gracious!! She was out of this world... without needing anymore talks from my mum, I concluded she was the one for me. 

My heart shatter to a million pieces when to my face she told us she wasn't interested in the whole deal as she already had a village lover.To cut this part of the story short... I worked my magic and she is mine now(She still asks me how I did it...)

After 9 years of marriage, she still looks every bit the way i met her and even more... She possess none of the ill qualities I previously described a village girl like. We now have a daughter, she definitely took all her mother's qualities and I feel robbed. From her eyes to her hair, the shape of her face, even her voice are all from her mother. All I can say she got from me is the part I played in her conception. 

Anyways both I and my wife love our daughter with every drop of blood we have. Friends and family around us often say we are both pampering and spoiling the child. Even though they are not far from the truth, I and my wife just can't help it because she is all we got. 

She has had a pretty happy childhood experience and we have intentions on making her more her even up till adulthood. 

My baby girl will be turning seven in a few days and her mum and I have promised to get her whatever she wishes for. She confidently told us that she would get back to us soon and just yesterday she made her wish known to my wife. 

I'm completely flabbergasted and can't even imagine where she got that kind of idea from. I am yet to meet her in person to confirm of her request. 

How on earth can she ask for a Make-up kit? At this age?... I know I and my wife and some family members often praise her about her beauty but I obviously didn't mean for it to get to her head, atleast not so early on. 

I'm confused right now. I love my daughter so much but I also don't want her life ruined by ephemeral things. 

Should I buy her the kit and encourage her? Will it end up affecting her negatively? Should I totally wave off her request? How would she take it after we have promised her to always get her all she wants? 

Please what should I do... I really need a good advice right now.

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