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Daddy Freeze Reacts As Nigeria Turns 61, Postulates 2 Models For Nigeria To Attain Greatness [Video]

Today, 1st of Octobar1 2021, Nigeria celebrates her 61st Independent Day. Daddy Freeze has taken to his YouTube channel to send his Independent Day message to Nigeria as he said Nigeria can be great again. We learnt from the video that Daddy Freeze however, highlighted 2 significant models in his message to Nigeria.

1. The model against the statement 'What God can't do doesn't exist'.

Daddy Freeze while giving his reasons for the above statement to be erased from people's mindset, shared a story to support his opinion. According to him, many have put prayers in place of work & rational thinking. "I remember when I was trading with a couple, we invested together to work as a team. Along the line, I noticed the wife was very religious. She will go to service and listen to a pastor whose only source of income is the congregation's Tithes. The wife will come on Monday with boldness and start taking big risks that eventually crashed our effort", Daddy Freeze narrated.

The Radio Broadcaster said the statement above has been abused by many people. He said many people have applied that statement wrongly as he shown in the little story above.

2. The Pray less and Work more Principle

"The prayer mindset is dangerous for work. One of my former bosses will be owing me 3 months salary, and still comes to work with his big car and we still pray together before work starts.

"This is a is negative positivity; you are doing the right time at the wrong time.

"You come to work and you start praying at work? It is a very bad mindset, keep prayer for the place of prayer. I am not saying you should not pray before you start your work but I am saying you should not hold lengthen prayer session before you start your work especially in Nigeria", Daddy Freeze added.

According to Daddy Freeze, praying for about 15 minutes before you start your office work is a physical workout. He believed Apostle Paul in the Bible never prayed over a business before they start work in the morning.

"We have prayed and prayed, yet our people are running to countries where there are religious crisis. The Bible made it clear that the borrower is always a slave to the one who lends him.

"We don't need motivational speakers, we need people to tell people to work. We don't have natural disasters here, God has blessed us already, but we need to put it to work.

"Nigeria have prayed enough, our prayers are generating positive negativity. Nigeria needs to be better than her current state, and the only way to achieve it is by putting work where work is suppose to be and putting prayer where prayer is suppose to be.

He however postulated this model, "Prayer is not in the work equation, prayer is not in the success equation. Work, knowledge, understanding, expertise, structure are the success equation".

What is your opinion on this?

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