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Checkout The Most Stylish Nigerian Rich Kids – See How The Spend Their father’s money (PHOTOS)

Wealth has the power to control the world. It also has the power to place you in a world of your own that is filled with endless possibilities and no limitations whatsoever. If you happen to be a rich kid, then this thing is even more dominant. Kids that were born with silver spoons in their mouths, have very little to worry about and can focus on more luxurious things other than hustling.

This is why you would hardly find a rich kid that doesn’t know how to dress impeccably. In Nigeria, we have rich kids and they have their own personalities – much of which reflects in their choice of careers and their styles.

However, when it comes to style, some people just do it better than some others. Here are the most stylish rich kids of really wealthy Nigerians.

DJ Cuppy

 DJ Cuppy is the daughter of Billionaire, Femi Otedola, is one that lives and basks in the benefits of her affluent family. From riding in Private jets, rocking some of the most expensive cars and gadgets available in the world, and having access to top designers from across the world, her classy style is not surprising.

She manages to infuse her DJ swag personality and her classy rich kid vibe, is such a grand way.



Nobody needs to talk about how affluent Davido’s father is. However, Davido has even managed to make his own money as oppose the one that runs in the Adeleke clan.

When it comes to style, Davido wears his wealth on his stash. Every piece is as expensive as the last and he does not hesitate in showing it off for all to see.

Adama Indimi 

Daughter of the Maiduguri based billionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, Adama is another rich kid that spends her father’s money without relenting.

While she might not be as public as a lot of the others on this list, you can tell that she puts a level of wealthy thought into what she wears. Her style is creative and classy all the way.

Tobi Bakre

Billionaire money doesn’t have to be Oil money or politics money, sometimes, a banker can also make it huge. Tobi Bakre has also held on to the money his father was able to make even as he does his own thing. He spends as he loves and his style is young and fresh. Like any other rich kid, he also doesn’t hesitate to show his own expensive style and flaunt it right.

Temi Odetola

Last and probably the most stylish on this list, is the international fashion blogger and daughter of Femi Otedola, Temi. She looks stylish for a living and has literally rubbed minds with some of the biggest fashion changers of the world as we know it.

From street, to couture, to princess; she rocks almost everything with all the ease in the world. Money looks really good on her and it’s a fact.




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