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Is Angel's Closeness To The Guys In The BBN House A Strategy She Adopted To Win The Viewers Heart?

Angel is one of the female housemates in the BBN house who has gotten really close to a lot of guys in the house. However, the viewers have not been able to put a label on Angel's relationship with any of the guys in the house. She has gotten close to, Sammie, Yousef, Cross and now she seems to be getting close to Emmanuel. Her closeness to these guys is something that has really caught the attention of a lot of viewers. This begs the question: "Is Angel's closeness to the guys in the BBN house a strategy she adopted to win the viewers hearts?"

Angel has been up for possible eviction severally and she has always scaled through. This has shown that even though she is one of the most criticized housemate there are people who really like what she is doing in the house. Her closeness to several guys has been a matter of discussion a severally in the house.There was a time she started getting really close to Yousef, she was seen feeding him food, kissing him, and sharing private moments with him. A lot of people felt there was something between them. However, some housemates warned Yousef to be careful of Angel because she may be using a strategy on him. Angel got to know about this and she told them not to spoil her game.

Yousef got evicted, and she then became really close to Cross. She was pictured kissing cross severally, dancing with him, and having close conversations with him. Cross opened up to her about his feelings for her, but she told him she just wanted to be friends. Recently she started avoiding Cross and has now become very friendly with Emmanuel.

She has began to have private conversations with Emmanuel, and this made cross believe that all these was just part of her Strategy to win the viewers hearts.

Cross told Pere and White Money that he sees Angel as a calculative lady who knows how to interact with housemates to her benefit. Angel is seen as one of the most jovial housemates and this is obviously something that a lot of people like about her.

What are your thoughts on this, Do you think Angel's closeness to the guys in the BBN house is a strategy she adopted to win the hearts of the viewers? Leave a comment below.

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