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Photos from the set of comedy series 'Akpan and Oduma'

"Your favorite crazemen are back on your screen" said Oduma, Aunty Bridget said "surviving one week on the set with these hoodlums has been a miracle, I find myself laughing between takes, they are just too good."

The cast of this 'Akpan and Oduma' series are extremely talented, no wonder it has the most views on YouTube out of all the content that WAPTV posts. One of the cast, Adekunle Salawu plays the role of Akpan, an Akwa-Ibom character even though he is a Yoruba man and he does it very well.

The major cast are Isokoh Stanley who plays the always-dubious character of Oduma, Adekunle Salawu plays the always-gullible Akpan, Babajide Alimison plays the role of the notorious Patoski, Akunna Nworgu plays the firm and considerate Aunty Bridget while Bayode Babatope plays the tough and no-nonsense Bro Sangalo.

WAPTV announced that they are shooting new sets of episodes and the actors have posted the photos on their social media pages. Mere looking at the photos, you will even sense how comical these guys are.

Did you know that Akpan is a Yoruba man?

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