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Meet 4 Nigerian Actors And Actresses Who Are Also Evangelists

Acting is more than a career to many people because it exposes one to many opportunities. Acting movies and videos is one of the ways people are venturing into to make money but we have seen a number of people who dumped acting due to reasons best known to them while some combine other professions with acting.

Some people dumped acting to look for greener pastures, some combine other professions with acting, some dumped acting for other professions and some people dumped acting because of their love for God. Even though acting is a money-making career, a number of Nigerian actors and actresses have dumped acting due to reasons best known to them while some combine other professions with acting.

1. Elizabeth Benson.

Elizabeth Benson started her acting career several years ago and she became one of the popular actresses of her time. Besides, she was one of the favorite actresses of many households but she dumped her acting career after she became an evangelist at the Rainbow Christian Assembly.

2. Eucharia Anunnobi.

Eucharia Anunnobi featured in several movies before giving her life to Christ. When she was an actress, she was a talented actress who is fit for any role given to her but one day, she announced she has given her life to Christ. She was ordained as an evangelist in 2012.

3. Pat Attah.

Pat Attah was one of the best and talented actors in the olden days. Besides, many people develop interest in watching a movie whenever they notice Pat Attah in the movie. However, he gave up his acting career because of his love for God and he is now an evangelist who resides in Hamburg, Germany.

4. Zack Orji.

It was reported that Zack Orji started his acting career in 1991 and due to his talent and consistency, he became famous few years later. He is an evangelist but he combined his acting career with evangelism. Besides, he was ordained in 2012.

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