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This Unusual Face-mask Worn by a Nigerian Lady is Causing a Stir Online {See Why}

A young Nigerian Lady identified as Abigael recently shared photos of herself that has got a lot of people talking. The lady who shared pictures of herself adorning the unique Face-mask also explained the events which led her to use the protective gear on her Facebook page where she wrote;

"Yesterday, I was at DSTV office to dash them my decoder that has being giving me much headache.

When I got to the gate, the security guys asked for my nose mask. It was then it occured to me that I had lost the mask in transit while in a hurry.

They apologised and said... NO MASK, NO ENTRY!

As an obedient child that hates trouble, I went to a plaza in Maitama and asked to buy a new mask.

The lady selling mask in the whole plaza said the mask is N1,000. I heard N100 and handed her N200 while expecting my change.

Madam mask said Mbaaaaaaa ooooh. Mask is 1k non negotiable.

I didn't even argue with her golden market that she is selling. I cut out one newspaper and used the rubber band I had inside my bag to make my own mask.

When I got to the gate, the security guys and people hustling to sell their market outside burst into acrobatic laughter.

I just boned my face like I just descended from the moon. No sons of Adam can shame the shameless daughter of Eve.

After the whole plenty queue, I finally got a new decoder.

When I got back to Banex axis, I bought five new masks with 1,000.

The guy sold the masks with gratitude at N200 per one.

For me, I will rather sell N100 item to 5,000 people, rather than sell N500 item to 5 people.

As a seller, please sensibly price your goods before your customers will turn your market to necessity is the mother of invention.

I come in peace"

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