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Funny:A man I encountered today gave rat poison to me and said I should administer it to rats daily

Welcome to my humble article, my name is Ikechukwu uche. The aim of this post is to entertain you, you can name it a joke, comedy or any you wish. So it is no offense.

As you already know, Igbo tribe truly loves money so much. Even at the point of death, an Igbo man will still say"the safety of my money and wealth comes first". One of the things I love about them is; they really know how to do business. They will surely do well in affiliate marketing. This funny and interesting Igbo guy came to my way today.

Just this afternoon, as I was going to the market, I encountered one Igbo guy.

Just before I stop a taxi that will take me to the market, I heard a voice with clear and correct English saying "excuse me sir", "excuse me! ". Because of the nice English he used, my attention was attracted . On turning to see who it was, I saw a tall, slim Igbo guy standing close to me with a plastic basket packed with stuffs.

I asked him what the problem was, he said with polished English, "patronize me.., patronize me sir....

With clear English too, I asked him"what are you selling.

He shouted, "rats poison...! , quality and guaranteed liquid rats poison.

As an Igbo man, he start preaching about the product for me."This rat poison you are seeing, it can kill both foreign and local rats...This poison kills rat of any kind, gender, colour and of any age. My brother, no matter how long the rat have stayed in your house, this liquid poison will wipe it immediately. Try it and see sir.

I became interested and asked him the price. The Igbo man told me the price is N500 each but because of me, he will give me three at price of N1,000

Just then, I remembered that my grandmother in the village once told me that rats disturbs her in her house, so I decided to buy the rat poison, I removed money to pay him, I suddenly remembered to ask him on how to use it. ("Is God that touch my heart to ask him this question)

The Igbo man replied," Sir you are wise, many costumers has been patronizing my product, none of them ask me any question".

I laughed and thanked him for ranking me.

He continued, "since you have asked this question, let me give you the methods of using this rats poison".

He start explaining;

"Method 1... Catch the rats as many as you want to kill. (I looked at his in confusion)

Method 2.... Take a tablespoon of this poison(I looked at him with more seriousness)

Method 3... Open their mouth and administer a drop on each rat.

Do this twice a day for one week.

I shouted, "Jesus....., I mean, I don't need the rat poison anymore, I will go and catch them and administer my hand.

That was funny right? Please don't laugh alone. Share it to your friends and love ones.

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Thank you

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