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Savage And Hilarious Break Up lines (pics)

Breakups is not the best thing to happen to anyone , nevertheless some people took it to another level. Sit back and learn from the masters who purely savages.

1. Eat Before Crying

It just feels like eat so you can have enough strength for the breakup. Oh hell!! the pizza is the breakup note 🤣🤣🤣

2. Community Embarrassment

You got to be a smart player if you ever think of playing the game. Woman have the time to investigate so think twice before you cheat.

3. You Have Been a Bad Boy

This is one pissed off housewife that had enough of his shit. Imagine, she took all the money and even the kids. 😭😭

4. Embarrassment At The Office

Everyone now knows why Tom goes home late. She even brought the action to his office

5. Breakup Pie

Just take a bite and you will forget that I ever existed. I tried it and it worked perfectly for me.

6. Garage Sale

This is one pissed off dude who can't keep things on the low. He had a rock and roll.

7. What a Message

Fit your head in the circle to solve the puzzle. Your surprised looking backside just got dumped.

8. That's The Point

That has been the point from the beginning , you are not special so better move on with your life.

9. What a Breakup card

I definitely do not want of of those cards. Imagine, even the head was chopped off with an axe.

10. Community Service

Breaking Monday News. Your shit is out for everyone to see. Live with it.

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Content created and supplied by: Kazuki (via Opera News )

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