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NYSC finally releases date for 2019 Batch C stream II POP

Date for NYSC stream II POP

Just about 5 days ago, corps members of 2019 Batch C stream I did their Passing out Parades {POP}. And ever since doubts has been that since the date of their POP was earlier than the one written on their ID cards, same thing would happen to Batch C stream II.

So now doubts has been cleared and same thing did happen because the final date of 2019 Batch B stream II has been released and it is earlier than the one written on their ID cards.

The date has been fixed to wednesday 28th of October, 2020 and corps members are adviced to get ready and make themselves available on or before the D day.

Also, they are adviced to pay up all necessary dues to aid proper documentations.

I pray for unmerited favour in all markets for all passed and passing out corps members in Jesus name, Amen.

Stay tuned for more updates as regards NYSC and Batch A stream II camp date.

Note : The date on the Circular hasn't been confirmed and verified yet. This notification is for your mind to be prepared for further changes by the NYSC forum.

Picture of the letter headed circular

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