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11 Picture Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud.

I have brought you 11 picture jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

The fact is that the hardship of life has made many Nigerians forget about how to laugh. That is why many people like watching comedies and funny reality shows just to relax and forget their problems.

I have selected 11 very funny comedy pictures that will make your day.

Just watch them below:

1. Okon will have lots of explaining to do when he opens his eyes and see his wife standing in front of him.

2. What a jealous wife can do to a man that doesn't want to stay in one place.

3. When the fear of the treatment is more than the illness.

4. A sick and unconscious man woke up to check out the nurse.

5. In the theater, the patient woke when he heard an Electric cutter.

6. This old man thinks the other people in bed are receiving alcohol bus the infusion and so he demands his drip be changed to Whisky.

7. This is for those that are scared of injections. Mr. Ibu was having severe diarrhea and went to the hospital. On seeing the injection meant for the treatment of his illness, he decided to say he has a headache.

8. Hilarious joke a doctor is telling his patient having Palpitations.

9. Mr. Ojo hid his food in the back of his chair because he didn't want to share. He is tired of sharing food with his hungry neighbor.

10. Toilet wahala. This happens in places where they use a public toilet. It can be really crazy when you are very pressed and there is someone using the toilet.

11. See this small man with 2 big wives. They are having a fight and their husband cannot even settle them. He decided to threaten them with divorce.

Hope you enjoyed the joke.

Please drop a comment and share the article to brighten the day of someone else.

Thank you and remain blessed.

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