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Controversy on social media platforms as black man got married to Arab lady

The image below is that of a black man and his Arab wife who are believed to have gotten married to each other.

The picture of this two couples is making waves on social media as everyone continue to blog about their love life on social media platforms. The black man is a citizen of Sudan while his beloved wife is an Arab lady. Many people still wonder how these two lovers met each other and fell in love with themselves even to the point they end up getting married. That's not where are going for now.

However, the main purpose of writing this article is to tell you what happened when the black man shares pictures of himself and the Arab lady on social media, Facebook to be precise.It was a very surprising thing though.

Check out the post below.

The picture was posted and accompanied by a caption which made me wonder what it is supposed to mean. The caption, (though written in Arabic) is.

"I swear to allah this is the signs of the end of time! Now this lady did not choose an Arab man to marry? Did spinsterhood lead you to this? You are martyr and may Allah make up for your lost youth"

I don't know, does a black man getting married to an Arab lady means that world is about to end? Is it stated that this is among tgr signs of the end of time?

Another facebook user shared this same picture of the couples with an Arabic caption which I translated using Google translate and it says

"our country is really going lost, how can an Arab lady got married to a black man!This woman's family is really a bunch of bustards because if they are real men, they wouldn't have agreed to give her to him".

Also another facebook user shared the picture and added a tag. So I quote.

"Seriously lady! I think this lady is insane how can she get marry to black! It's the end of time for Arabic.

The picture of these married couples is trending on social media but I see no reason why people should criticize other peoples belief or love, they love and cherish each other as a couple so let them be happy.

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