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Take A Look At The Thundermans Real Age And Current Life Partners

Don't forget to like, share and follow up for hot nickelodeon updates. Alright today we are going to take a look at the cast of the nickelodeon Thundermans; we are specially going to take a look at their real age,and who they are dating or married to. Lets cut the formalities and go straight to the point right? Alright here we go:

Nora Thunderman

Real name: Addison Riecke

Birthday: January 26, 2004

Real age: 16 years old

Addison Riecke is currently single.


Real name: Ryan Newman

Birthday: April 24, 1998

Real age: 22 years old

Ryan and her boyfriend:

Max Thunderman

Real name: Jack Griffo

Birthday: December 11, 1996

Real age: 23 years old

Jack and his girlfriend Paris Berelec:

Babara Thunderman

Real name: Rosa Blasi

Birthday: December 19, 1972

Real age: 47 years old

Rosa Blasi and her husband:

Billy Thunderman

Real name: Diego Velazquez

Birthday: December 5, 2001

Age: 18 years old

Diego is currently single.

Hank Thunderman

Real name: Chris Tallman

Birthday: September 22, 1970

Real age: 49 years old.

Chris Tallman's love life in unknown.

Phoebe Thunderman

Real name: Kira Kosarin

Birthday: October 7, 1997

Real age: 22 years old.

Kira is currently single.

Cherry Seinfeld

Real name: Audrey Whitby

Birthday: April 10, 1996

Real age: 24 years old.

Audrey and her boyfriend Joey Bragg.


Real name: Tanner Stine

Birthday: February 21, 1995.

Real age: 22 years old.

Tanner and his girlfriend:

Chloe Thunderman

Real name: Maya Le Clark

Birthday: March 28, 2011

Real age: 9 years old

Maya Clark is way to young to have a boyfriend.


Real name: Kenny Ridwan

Birthday: May 27, 1999

Real age: 21 years old.

Kenny is currently single.

Who do you think has changed the most? Who is your favorite among the stars? Let us know in the comment section below. Kindly hit the share and follow option for more nickelodeon updates. Thanks and see later.

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