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Interesting comedy series to keep you entertained

As the saying goes laughter is the best medicine, here are some movie series that you won't just find funny but you will also find them very entertaining.


This is a marvel series. After Vision got killed in the avengers:endgame when Thanos removed the mind stone from Vision's head, out of the grief she was feeling because of Vision's death Wanda Maximoff turned a whole town into a classic sitcom where she is happily married with Vision, until Vision starts to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

Silicon valley

 This is a tech based comedy series about a guy who had an idea for a company and decides to start up the company with his friends in Silicon valley, and the trials they face in running the company. The series will help you see some of the day to day happenings in a tech based company.

Ted Lasso

 For soccer fans out there, this is a series you will find entertaining. The series is about a US America football coach named Ted Lasso, who was hired to manage a London based soccer team that is struggling to avoid relegation. 

Young Sheldon

 For those of you that know of Sheldon in the big bang theory series, well this comedy series is about the childhood of Sheldon.

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