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Why People Should Stop Saying That Salle Lied And Staged To Be A Hawker For Fame

There have been a lot of side talks on social media over the sudden recognition of an upcoming artist after blogger Tunde Ednut posted a video of her singing. Some people all over social media need to understand that Salle didn't lie about being a hawker, but there is the reason why people thought she was one.

1) She never said she was a hawker.

Just because some people saw her with a tray and a wrapper, they assume she is a street hawker. They forgot that there was never a time Salle revealed she was a hawker, it's just an assumption some people formulated, so Salle shouldn't be blamed. The people that assumed she was a hawker didn't assume wrongly either because it's common here in so many places, that is how some children hawk for their parents or guardians. Salle only wrote help the poor girl in her caption and didn't mention hawking.

Photo Credit: Salle/Instagram.

2) She revealed how it happened.

She has just revealed what happened. Salle has cleared the air by telling the doubting Thomas that the tray they saw her with was used to deliver food to people. She made it clear that her mother gave her food to deliver to people, so those people who asked her to sing probably saw her on their way back home after the delivery. She didn't say anything further than this.

3) Tunde Ednut.

Tunde Ednut saw her video and reposted it. Tunde found out about the girl after she sang a song to the people that discovered her. Tunde reposted her and didn't say she was a hawker before reposting. I believe Tunde saw it after he was tagged in the video, and he saw that the girl would make it in the music industry, so he helped her achieve her dreams. This is just the story of from grass to grace, and God has been doing well for the little girl of 17.

Photo Credit: Salle/Instagram.

In addition, people should appreciate the gift of another good voice that has been added to the music industry through Salle instead of looking for how to find faults.

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