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"Madam, cover your chest properly" -See what this Twitter lady posted that made people blast her

For most of us, especially those of us that are conversant with Opera News and check the news very well, we should be familiar with this Twitter lady, whose Twitter handle is @ifedioku.

Ifedioku is a very popular Twitter lady. About some weeks ago, her no make up photos went viral as she got lots of people admiring those pictures of hers. She got lots of commendations and replies from people, and her pictures were everywhere.

These were the photos she posted then that got her so much recommendations from people. See the photo below.

So, some of us should have remembered her by now after seeing those photos. So, this same girl has made lots of viral posts even after those ones she posted. She has as well been receiving recommendations and lots of people have been admiring those pictures of hers. She has gained lots of followers and fame too from those pictures of hers.

However, she went on to make another post and this time, it wasn't like the other ones. People blasted her and condemned those pictures of hers.

See what she posted.

She made the post and accompanied it with the caption:

"who needs a secretary?"

Then she posted some of her pictures with the post. See the pictures she posted with it.

The comments she got were so much. While some gave nice replies, others went on to give her the kind of replies I'm sure she wasn't expecting to get.

See some of the replies she got below.

Someone even commented saying

"Madam, cover your chest properly"

Lols. I'm sure these are not the kind of replies she was expecting to see. Some people are wicked oo.

What's your opinion on this?

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