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5 Movie Actors Who Looked Unrecognizable In Their Character’s Makeup (Photos)

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Photo Credit: Google

British actor, Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way from the bespectacled 11-year-old we all remember. A scene in the movie, Horns, required Daniel Radcliffe to have horns — in the movie, Daniel Radcliffe plays Igg, a man who begins to sprout horns and develop red fairy skin after the death of his girlfriend.

Photo Credit: Google

For this scene, Daniel had to wear a full-body latex suit, a prosthetic cowl, face-pieces and wore makeup to blend it all.

2. Margot Robbie

Photo Credit: Google

You may know Margot Robbie for her transformation into Tonya Harding in I Tonya. While it was amazing, she also looked unrecognizable when playing Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots.

Photo Credit: Google

On the surface, her makeup may have just looked like a lot of white face paint, but below that, were prosthetics smallpox scars that Margot spent three hours every day getting applied.

3. Ryan ReynoldsPhoto Credit: Google

Despite Ryan Reynolds's humor about the situation, getting transformed into Deadpool wasn’t the easiest task. They created and placed thick silicone prosthetics onto his face and head that were all strategically hand-painted with makeup.

4. Karen Gillen

Photo Credit: Google

Karen Gillen’s unbelievable transformation into Nebula was considered the most complex and interesting makeup process of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Photo Credit: Google

Her makeup was one hug jigsaw puzzle of prosthetics depending on where each piece was placed, it was either thinner or thicker so that she’d be able to still act. Karen even shaved her head to make the process easier.

5. Helena Bonham Carter

Photo Credit: Google

Halena has played some epic characters in the past, but one role she was unrecognizable in was The Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland. Although digital technology was used to make Helena’s head seem 3 times larger, she also had to go through a vigorous makeup process.

Which actor’s transformation surprised you the most?

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