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Baby Girl with Down Syndrome Rejected by 20 Families finally meets a Man that wants her

Passed over time and time again

Although this precious baby was absolutely adorable, she’d been offered to 20 families interested in adopting. But due to her having Down syndrome, they all said no. Well, that changed when she was only 13 days old.

A perfect dad

That’s when Luca Trapanese from Naples Italy stepped up to the plate. He immediately fell in love with this girl. So, in 2017, he completed the adoption process and brought his daughter home whom he’d named Alba.

After all, Luca was 41 years old, single, catholic, and gay. But he was up for the challenge of raising a daughter with special needs. As he stated, he’s “proud to be her dad.”

An ideal match

It wasn’t just that Luca fell in love with Alba but he also had what it took to raise her. You see, he had experience working with children that have disabilities. He’d been in this line of work for many years. In 2007, he even founded a charity that helps these kids to better socialize with their peers.

Meeting his daughter

In a recent interview, Luca explained what it was like the first time he held Alba. “I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away. It was the first time I held a newborn baby.” He continued, “When I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad.”

A fantastic journey

Fortunately for millions of people around the world, Luca sets an example. He’s also selflessly shared he and Alba’s story through Instagram. In looking at all the photos, there’s no denying these two share a special bond.

A beautiful life

Today, thanks to Luca, Alba is living a happy and healthy life. Every day is a new experience while feeling safe in the arms of her dad. She’s a gorgeous little girl who never stops smiling.

Not only has this story inspired a lot of other people, especially those who want to adopt, but it’s also shown that the other 20 families lost out. Okay, so maybe they weren’t a good fit but they didn’t even give Alba a chance. Luca did and he’s thrilled and honored to have her call him, “daddy.”

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