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Check out why Nigeria YouTubers are not succeeding on the platform

There are over millions if not billions of content creators on YouTube, which makes it difficult for some channels to stand out. For a YouTube channel to blow up on this channel you have to think outside the box. Well you see YouTube is not as hard as everyone thinks, the algorithm was made to favor both new channels and viewers.

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 While some Nigeria channels make promotion mistakes, some just don’t understand the YouTube algorithm. 

Below are the reasons why Nigeria YouTubers are not succeeding on the platform 

Promoting videos on the wrong social media platform: this is where Nigeria YouTubers are getting it wrong, you may think that this is the best strategy. This will give your videos and your channel as a whole weak potentials. you are wondering why, here is why; while starting a YouTube channel newly, the algorithm is trying to figure out who to show your videos to, which means promoting it via sites like Facebook expecting people to click on it. Here is what will happen; if someone that have never watched a comedy video on YouTube clicks on your comedy YouTube video, this will only confuse the algorithm and it will stop promoting your videos. If in any case you have to promote your videos I recommend Reddit, because you will find people who have watched videos like that in the past, just try to locate the subreddit. This will make the algorithm love your videos. One thing you should keep in mind is that your content most have great audience retention as this will lead to more watch time, in case you don’t know how to create great audience retention leave me a comment down below and I would reply. 

Creating poor contents in a very competitive niche: this is what almost every Nigeria YouTube is suffering from, as a lot of Nigeria YouTubers want to go into comedy. If you are very observant you would notice that everyone want to be a comedian, there are already channels dominating in this niche so in other to succeed in this niche you most think out side the box. I wouldn’t say much here, go make research. 

They don’t research: OK, did you know that the basic to succeed in YouTube is in your watch time. If no that is because you never research, for you to have good watch time you should have a great audience retention with a hook at the beginning of your video. I would not start explaining them because I don’t know if you care to know, so incase you want to know ask down in the comment section and I would reply to you. Of course you know that when you open your YouTube app, you would see videos recommended to you be YouTube on your recommendation homepage, in other for YouTube to get your videos recommended to other people you should have a great audience retention. Actually this came from YouTube them selves. So work on those audience retention.

I guess this is all I have to say, there are still some I didn’t mention in the list. If you have any question drop it in the comment section below. 

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