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36 Funny Pictures And Jokes


After leaving school twenty years later you are calling a school reunion because you have a car, you want to see me jumping out of Keke abi? Thunder fires you there, Idiot!

MTN well played o! I now have to sit at the edge of my bed, turn a little to the left and open my mouth before network enters my phone.

People need to know who I am, I am not that kind of guy who rush into dating another girl immediately after breakup, I wait for at least 5 minutes before I start a new relationship.

I just have to set this straight nobody keeps in touch more than a girl you promised to send money to her bank account; she can even appear in your dream and be like honey remember me.

So many bad things happen when your roommate is a Christ Embassy prayer warrior, you greet her "Good morning" and she replies you in tongues.😂😂

Finally, I'm ready to settle down, I just need a chair, assist me with the one you are sitting on.

There is this thing people do that gets me angry, if I tell you I dont have money and you tell me "Big boy like you” I will curse you because of that attitude.

Am not going to church again because of what happened last Sunday what happened was Children first! Children first!! That’s how the rice that was being shared got finished for church yesterday, I no chop.😂

This generation is doing strange things nowadays it's hard to tell whether an Lagos girl is walking on the road with her father or her boyfriend confused generation.😂

In dressing to church when you wear native to church and climb the altar, it’s called ALTARNATIVE, tell that to your English teacher.

Who said I cannot bust freestyle my dear, here I come 7 days with money makes one WEEK, but 7 days without money makes one weak. 

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Keke abi MTN


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