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Flashback Photos Of The Man Who Got His Nose Chopped Off As Sword Trick Fails

Rather than hitting the objective, the blade contacted the man's nose and a piece of it was seen swinging noticeably all around with blood overflowing out.

The next time you want to try a trick at a party, pay attention. A group of friends enjoying together ended up watching the most disastrous scene after a fun party turned to horror.

A man with a sword was trying to target a sausage that his friend was holding inside his mouth. After repeated attempts, he raised his sword at full speed and attempted to cut the sausage in half, but what happened next was strange.

However, instead of hitting the target, the sword touched the man's nose and part of it was visible swaying within the air with blood spilling. Not figuring out the result, everyone at the party concept was fun since the sausage became cut in half, however, the moment they saw their buddy drop and cowl his nose, everybody turned into shock.

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