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Meet the man that was kicked out from Saudi Arabia because is too handsome.(photos)

One or two times in life you may have met a beautiful guy, but few people met someone whose hands are on the ground. Has a more ludicrous story ever been heard of: a man was kicked from Saudi Arabia because he was too beautiful? Well it happened and there was nobody other than Omar Borkan Al Gala who was kicked / expelled from the Middle East nation.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Iraqi-Emirati 30 years old, is an actor and a template. After being accused of being expelled from Saudi Arabia, Omar gained international attention in 2013 for allegedly “too good-looking.” The article became viral and several news sources picked up.

As the tale unfolds, at the Cultural Jandriyah Festival, the event that has made Al Gala globally known. In Riyadh, the festival was held. At the festival, Al Gala served on a promotional booth with a two other male models women fans from Al Gala became a famous icon at the time, he was noticed by a crowd and many asked for pictures, and the autograph of Al Gala.

In the words of Al Gala, an interview he had, the now thirty-year-old told me “this wasn't a good thing for the religious police.” But politely and not rudely he was asked to leave the festival.

Al Gala 's popularity has since grown tremendously, and many of his pictures have been on the internet at viral rates. The press called him "the perfect Arab man” or literally the most beautiful man of the world. Due to his newly developed international fame, he had to attend many live programs and interviews. He also featured on a variety of famous magazine coverings.

Omar's actually not single, he 's married to Yasmin Oweidah (sorry admiring single ladies). They were married five years ago, in 2015, and their marriage is blessed with a son.

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