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Opinion: The Reason Maria Refused A Handshake From White Money After The Wildcards Were Revealed

The Wildcards of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Show were revealed by Ebuka to the Housemates earlier tonight. Ebuka made it clear to the Housemates that Maria and Pere are the two Wildcards on the Show.

Considering the reaction of the Housemates, it's clear that they were surprised to hear Ebuka mention those two names.

During the voting session, one of the Housemates was able to guess one of the Wildcards right. White Money predicted that Pere is one of the Wildcards.

After Ebuka revealed the Wildcards, White Money went straight to Maria to give her a handshake. It's clear that the purpose of the handshake was just to congratulate Maria for her safety.

However, Maria didn't feel that same way as she walked past White Money without even staring at him. Maria's attitude is very wrong but fans need to understand the reason behind her action.

It's believed that no Housemate is happy to have failed in their task to identify the Wildcards. Why is White Money trying to congratulate Maria if that's the case?

Maria realised the hypocrisy hidden in White Money's gesture that's why she didn't shake hands with him. Maria knows none of the Housemates is happy about the result of the Wildcard votes.

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