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5 states in Nigeria that have the best wife material for marriage.

Choosing a lady to marry is a tough choice, one must look well so you won't have to regret for the rest of your life, in this article we have outlined five state in Nigeria where you can see the best wife material that is suitable for marriage we hope this article will serve as an insight to you and help in your search.

Please we won't want you to see this as a tribal discrimination or any sort of gender bias every opinion stated here are of the writer's view of you feel some of the content isn't right feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section, we we highlight fives states in Nigeria where you can get a quality wife material.

1. Osun state - Many might not agree with these but we have heard testimonies from people who married from this state, ladies from these state and respectful, obedient and are cultured to the core of you are looking for a lady to marry it is best for you to choose from these state.

2. Kaduna state - Northern ladies are good and caring they hardly cheat on their husbands, but men who marry ladies from this state have be in the same religion with them, one thing about them is that they don't joke with their culture so you will be glad you married a cultured lady.

3. Imo state - Eastern ladies are very beautiful and economic, one the that fascinates men about them is their beauty and how vast they are when it comes to money.

4. Delta State - Ladies from these states are very industrious and peace making, one things about them is that they are peace loving if you don't observe closely you might not be able to differentiate them from Yorubas.

5. Lagos state - Ladies from these states are very expose because they live in a well developed area and environment, women from Lagos are very independent and industrious we guess you might hardly have any problem if you marry from these state.

We hope these article has been of help to you, ic your state wasn't listed among the states above please it doesn't mean we condemned it we mentioned only five, now we want you to drop your state and the special quality the women has.

Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section and don't forget to follow our page for more updates. 

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