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5 Things To Learn From Ubi Franklin And Lilian Esoro's Co-parenting

Co-parenting refers to the act of two parents raising a child even though they are no longer romantically involved. A few celebrities are doing a really good job at co-parenting and maintaining their status as celebrities. Two of those celebrities are Ubi Franklin and Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro. The way these two celebs co-parent their kid is so amazing. Here are five things to learn from Ubi and Lilian's co-parenting skills.

Image Credit - Ubi Franklin Triple Mg/Instagram

1. They always show up for their kid

A good parent is one who is always there for their kid, be it at school, in times of need and life in general. And even though Lilian and Ubi are not in a relationship currently, they do not fall back on their duties towards their child. During Jayden's school party or birthday party, they are always in attendance and they move in such a way, it will make you feel like they are real life couples. I am sure that there has never been a day Jayden felt like he was in the lack of love.

2. They do not interfere in each other's private life

Be it relationships or whereabouts. Lilian is free to move with whoever she wants and Ubi is free to do the same. They give each other a breathing space. Sometimes Jayden spends the weekends with Ubi and Lilian has the weekdays with him. Now that's a great co-parenting skill right there.

3. They leave their family problems and issues out of social media

No matter how much Lilian and Ubi disagree, they never take their problems to social media. They make sure to trash the issue at home, right where it started. Successful co-parenting means that your own emotions—any anger, resentment, or hurt—must take a back seat to the needs of your children. And that is exactly what Ubi and Lilian practices. They make sure that their co-parenting is not about their feelings, but rather about their child's happiness, stability, and future well-being. You will never catch Lilian or Ubi openly come out to drag each other. Not only is it immature, but it could rub off on their kid. Who wouldn't admire such co-parents?

Image Credit - Ubi Franklin Triple Mg/Instagram

4. They keep their small family together despite being miles apart

As co-parents, Ubi and Lilian are free to do whatever they like. But when they both come together with their son, it always feels like they are one happy family leaving together in one home. I am pretty sure Jayden has never felt any negative energy between his parents and that is something to admire.

5. They appreciate each other

Ubi and Lilian are not co-parents that backbite or complain about each other all the time, and you can tell if you are an active follower of these two. When Ubi Franklin decides to appreciate his baby mamas, he always gives special shout-out to Lilian because she is a non problematic person. Lilian on the other hand appreciates her baby daddy from time to time. No bad energy between them. Just vibes.

Image Credit - Ubi Franklin Triple Mg/Instagram

If you ever needed a few co-parenting tips or advice, then here are five of them I am giving to you for free. Once you learn these five lessons, you will be happy, your ex spouse will be happy, and above all, your child's happiness will be evident to everyone.

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